Studio Policy

  • Lesson cancelations must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time. Cancelations made less than 24 hours ahead of the planned lesson time will be charged in full. (For more information please read this blog post)
  • You may phone me to cancel a lesson, however I must also receive your request for cancelation in writing (email or text is fine).
  • In the event of illness or other unforeseen emergency, I may try either to find an alternate time slot during that week to accommodate you, or else create and deliver an instructional video pertaining to your lesson plan. Alternate lesson time slots are subject to availability. You are expected to pay for lessons canceled less than 24 hours ahead regardless of whether the lesson can be rescheduled, and regardless of the circumstance of the cancelation. I must have your email address in order to deliver a video link.
Stopping your lessons
  • If you plan to discontinue your lessons you must inform me, in writing, at least one week ahead of the time of your next scheduled lesson. No refunds will be given, so please plan accordingly.
  • Payment for lessons is due on the first week of the month. The monthly amount of payment is calculated by multiplying the number of weekly lessons to be taken that month by the weekly amount. In the event that lessons are owed from the previous month, payment for the remainder of the current month is due the first week of that month (for example, you've paid for four lessons in January, but canceled one ahead of time and only received three lessons - payment for February, minus the one lesson owed, is due the first week of February).
  • I will provide you with an assignment after each lesson. That assignment may be comprised of materials that I provide to you (for example, hand-written scale sheets), material from books and other resources (for example, play-along recordings or videos) used for your lessons, or music assigned to you by your school's Music Director (band music, orchestra music, etc...). Generally, an assignment is given by my writing the date in front of the piece or exercise to be practiced. When the piece is successfully performed at the next lesson, I will cross off the date to indicate that we are now done with that assignment.
  • The student is expected to have practiced the material assigned and to be prepared to perform that assignment for me at the next lesson.
  • It is the student's responsibility to know and understand the assignment prior to leaving the teaching studio. If you don't know what to practice, you must ask me!
  • It is my responsibility to advise the student as to what to practice, and how to best practice it. If you have any questions regarding this, please ask me!