Students or Parents may arrange a video lesson if they are unable to attend their in-person lesson on a given week, or if they simply want to take their lesson via recorded video. These lessons are created for individual students, and their content is tailored to cover aspects of playing that they are particularly working on. The videos are meant for the student to play along, so it is best if the student has access to the video via a computer with speakers (headphones can work, too, although the sound of their own instrument may be somewhat muffled if using over-the-ear phones).

Generally, lesson videos are uploaded to an online video host, such as YouTube, and are coded as "unlisted". Only the student with the link to a particular video lesson can access that video.

The videos are generally left on the host for several weeks. Often, the material covered extends well beyond the immediate lesson plan, so the lessons can provide a valuable long-term resource for the student to supplement his or her private studies.

I've created a sample video for each of the instruments I teach, so that you can have a sense of what the lesson videos are like:

Flute sample video

Clarinet sample video

Saxophone sample video

Students who are studying with me at a distance may also take a live lesson with me online via Skype. Contact me to arrange a time for your session. Make-up lessons can also be done this way. As with other make-ups, time-slots are subject to availability. Please note - students will need to have access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection, the computer microphone (or external mic) enabled, and a Skype account. Computer speakers are recommended.